Got a Bolt!
May 30, 2018

It's our first electric vehicle...and I must say, we were blown away. You'll see some posts in the future regarding interesting things regarding the Bolt that I've learned along the way, however, for now, enjoy this pic. :)

How to Easily Add Prism to Ghost Blog
January 06, 2018

When it comes to presenting code on a blog, nothing beats syntax highlighting. And if you've recently converted to Ghost, it comes with no syntax highlighting out of the box, which is a pain. Luckily, Ghost has the built-in ability to add code in the header or footer of the blog (so your changes do not get wiped out on the next update to Ghost) and I have the necessary code below to get it all…

A New Start
January 04, 2018

So I guess this is my generic, almost canned-sounding first blog post...except, this is not my first blog post . Not only is this not my first blog post, this isn't even my first welcome post! Needless to say, welcome! This blog / site won't primarily focus on one field. I'll showcase projects I've worked on, technologies I think is cool, nature, growing my money, investments, and more…

iPhone upgrade program and T-Mobile
September 22, 2016

If you are interested in signing up for Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program and have T-Mobile, I recommend you make sure that the phone you want is physically in stock in the Apple store, otherwise, you cannot join the program, as I found out personally. Additionally, neither Apple chat nor in-store staff are familiar with this policy either. I also checked the site, and didn't see any mention to this…

Building a Fast Static Site: Part 1 - Optimize Post Images
August 01, 2016

I've been wanting to automate my image optimization for this site. Normally, my workflow for uploading images for a blog post is as follows: Download image to Desktop Resize image to 1000px Run image through ImageOptim to compress 70% Upload to images directory As you can see, quite a bit of steps. After some gulp wizardry (of which, I will introduce you to in a bit), my workflow is now as follows…

Docker and macOS Sierra
July 17, 2016

If you were feeling as adventurous as I was, then you decided to update one of your production Macs to macOS Sierra. That's OK, living on the bleeding edge has its issues, but we have cookies. :) However, it's been mostly smooth sailing, with the occasional slowness in Safari. A couple days ago, I noticed that after using the Docker for Mac beta for awhile, or putting my Mac to sleep, Docker would…

Cloning Plants for Fun
July 03, 2016

Lately, I've really been getting into gardening. I wanted to start growing some herbs and vegetables to have fresh on hand always (can't have enough mint! ). Since you can clone a plant with just a leaf, you can grab a leaf from an already existing plant to begin your collection. Specifically, for this post, I will walk you through my first attempt at trying to clone multiple soft stem plants…

Intel Smart Response Technology SSD Caching
January 18, 2014

For those who are having issues with enabling Intel’s SRT SSD caching (where the performance tab does not show up even though you have a compatible board, with both the SSD/HDD plugged into an Intel controller with the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology software installed), try shrinking the last partition on your disk by ~200MBs. Check the IRST software. It should now allow you to accelerate…

Chromecast review
August 01, 2013

Great look at what the Chromecast has to offer. Ars Technica

Motorola X photos and specs
July 21, 2013

Very interesting, unfortunately the CPU specs are a little behind, but if Motorola prices this phone right (in line with N4 off contract) then maybe they can turn things around. Android Police (@androidpolice) 7/21/13, 2:43 PM Exclusive AT&T Motorola X “Ghost” Photos Show The Phone, Benchmarks, And Pretty Much A Complete Set Of Confirmed Specs Android Police

Installing FreeBSD 9-RELEASE onto a ZFS root
July 21, 2013

Disclaimer : This should work for you, but all systems are different. I have compiled this information from many sources and will include them at the bottom of this post. The reason I am creating this is because I feel as if the other sources do not “finish” the installation, so a new user would be oblivious as to what they should do next. Step 1: Download FreeBSD 9-RELEASE Go to this link, Get…

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